Ward 1 Nursing Stories – Mr Aloysius Neo(patient)

11 October 2022

‘No complaints, no complaints’ said Aloysius about Nurses Services before he was discharged yesterday after a year of admission.

Aloysius was admitted to AMK – THKH, Ward 1 on 31 May 2021 for Rehabilitation and our nurses vividly recall him being grouchy and hard to care for when he was first admitted.

The team had difficult moments handling his expectations as Aloysius liked to be independent. However, he was not able to fully care for himself and this made our nurses wary of him as he liked to refuse assistance.

Fun fact about Aloysius; when asked about his favorite meal of the day, he would constantly repeat that it was the toasted bread served during breakfast time.

A year later, Aloysius is ecstatic to be able to go home! Our nurses are overjoyed that he has transformed to be a more cheerful and chatty person under their care.