Staff Testimonials

Since graduation, I have worked with AMK-THKH. I took up the CCMDA scholarship award for my bachelor degree programme and have stayed on to apply what I have learnt in the course of my work. I enjoy my career journey here as I am given many development opportunities and my boss has been very supportive.

Yi Lin
Senior Occupational Therapist

AMK-THKH is my first workplace. Throughout my time here, I have experienced many challenging days, but with those days also come fulfilling ones. Patients here come from all walks of life, and this has provided different learning opportunities. My supervisors are approachable. My colleagues are friendly and willing to listen to each other and help each other out. These make AMK-THKH a positive working environment ????

Zi Wen
Occupational Therapist

I am grateful to have received much guidance here as a student during my placement and my junior physiotherapist years. I want to give the same guidance to the students and the new junior physiotherapists who join us. I enjoy seeing how the personalised treatment plan I have prescribed helped my patients improve and ultimately discharge from the hospital after their long journey in the Singapore healthcare system.

En Qi
Senior Physiotherapist

AMK-THKH has given me many learning opportunities. During my employment, I pursued the degree Conversion program, and attended trainings to further expand my clinical knowledge. I truly enjoy working here with my colleagues and seniors. They are always here for me when I needed them most. I am thankful to the multi-disciplinary team who has supported me through the patient’s rehabilitation journey. Every day, I look forward to seeing the smiles on my patients and their progress during the therapy sessions.

Gwee Yuan

The average day of a speech therapist at AMK-THKH involves managing caseload, communicating with caregivers and working with other professions involved in the management of a patient. The favourite parts of my career journey are seeing patients improve in their therapy journey and having an encouraging team. The willingness of the senior therapists to impart their wealth of knowledge through an encouraging learning environment makes AMKH-THKH a place I want to work in as a new therapist in the adult population.

Hui Min
Speech Therapist

I look forward to work every day because of my amazing colleagues. I worked with some of the brightest, friendliest, and most hardworking people to push the needle during challenging times. My seniors are very welcoming and supportive towards my career journey and my life. I l have learned a variety of skills that are needed to be successful in my career. I am really grateful to be working here.

Senior Therapy Assistant

I find my job as a senior therapy assistant to be very meaningful. I have contact with patients and carry out therapy for patients with swallowing difficulties. I like my job as it means a lot to me to see someone improve and to be able to eat again. Healthcare work is filled with challenges. I love the feeling of helping someone and look forward to coming to work every day.

Kah Ling
Senior Therapy Assistant

The friendly working environment and the opportunities for development are things that make me come to work and want to develop more every day. I enjoy interacting with the patients and I am glad to see them progress during their rehabilitation journey at AMK-THKH.

Kiam Teck
Therapy Assistant

Throughout my career journey here, I have been very fortunate to have met team leaders who believe in developing people. I was given opportunities to advance in my career. The team is very inclusive and are extremely helpful and supportive of each other. I look forward to coming to work every day.

Manager, Payroll

During my career journey, AMK-THKH has recognised my potentials and provided me with many development opportunities. The teams are helpful and supportive of each other. I am happy that I am able to have a work-life-balance here too!

Assistant Manager (MIS, Application team)

Being in a multi-disciplinary team, my colleagues and bosses are wonderful professionals to work with. AMK-THKH places great emphasis on the professional development of its staff and provides opportunity whenever possible. The work that is currently been done in AMK-THKH motivates me to continue giving my best in what I do.

Medical Social Worker

As a Registrar, I am very happy that I have ample time to see my patients and interact with them meaningfully, contributing to their care. I am most satisfied when I see patients getting better and more independent during their stay here. It makes the effort and time spent all worthwhile.

Dr Lu