Staying Strong Through Trying Times

10 November 2022

Living with diabetes for around 30 years, Mohamad (not his real name), 60, has lived a life overcoming challenges and pursuing his dreams.

Having left a well-paying job at the age of 50 due to his worsening diabetes, Mohamad decided to pursue his passion for hair-dressing. “Besides having a passion in hairstyling, I choose this profession because it allows a flexible work schedule,” shared Mohamad.

Unfortunately, as age got to him, his diabetic condition took a turn for the worst and he underwent surgery to amputate his left leg in December 2014. Mohamad was subsequently admitted to Ang Mo Kio – Thye Hua Kwan Hospital (AMK-THKH) to continue his rehabilitation programme.

At the same time, his wife had also undergone a knee replacement surgery and was recovering. However, due to Mohamad’s hospitalization, his wife decided to start working in spite of the fact that she had not made a full recovery.

For Mr Mohamad, the plight of his wife motivated him to participate actively in all his therapy sessions during his stay at AMK-THKH. He would also carry out some simple exercises taught by our therapy team at his bedside every morning before breakfast. As Mohamad looks to return back to workforce after his recovery, the Hospital has been assisting him with the necessary assistive devices to help him regain his independence once he is discharged.

Each year, the Hospital receives close to 400 patients, like Mohamad, who require not just medical care, but the necessary social assistance to help them get back on their feet and enable them to re-integrate back to society so that they too, may lead happy and fulfilling lives upon their recovery.

Though the family’s financial status is badly strained by the double tragedy, Mohamad is still optimistic of what the future holds. “My wife is also suffering from diabetes and hypertension. I do not want to add on her burden. I want to continue my job as a barber so that I can share her burden,” says Mohamad.