About Us


Our Care Philosophy

Vision & Mission

To serve mankind. To reach out to our patients, their families and the community regardless of race, colour, creed, language, culture or religion. To rehabilitate and heal with commitment and professionalism in an environment of continuous learning and growth.



Together we are committed to providing excellent healthcare and be the best in what we do and to achieve the best possible outcome for our patients.


We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in whatever we do.
We are consistently honest, fair, and open in our commitment to do the right thing.
We take responsibility for our actions.


We are committed to working together, leveraging on our collective strengths to deliver results for our patients.
We promote esprit de corps and build trust between individuals and our partners.

Passion in Action!

We shall do our best and make the impossible possible.
We have the passion and commitment to take on challenges and embrace innovation to find ways to move forward.


It is paramount that we serve the needs of our patients and those who need our help with open and personal communication and with the strongest compassion to truly care for the welfare and well-being of our fellow human beings.


We respect and value one another for our similarities and differences.
We recognise that everyone is important and has a role to play.